Gebhard Sengmüller of Vinylvideo visited the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart on January 11th 2000. The pictures below clearly show the parallels between Vinylvideo and the Gameboy Camera.

This is Gebhard.
First everythig hast to come out of the crates.
Plug in some cables …
… and you are ready to watch Vinylvdeo. Shown is the disc of Vuk Cosic and Alexej Shugin.
You may use any record player for playback …
… as long as you have this expensive decoder that gets the video signal from the record.
This is a serious scientist from the Vinyvideo infomercial.
Somehow unbelieveable, but they are just usual vinyl records.
You also get some theory.
The records contain picture …
… but sound as well. Boing Boing Bloooom!