On April 29th 2005 Bodenständig 2000 roX0red the Microdisko Stockholm. What happened behind the scenes is documented here:

The Microdisko was taking place at the “Kegelbahnen”.
Crazy Q, my colleague from the YM_rockerz and one of the heroes behin the Dead Hackers Society
… invited me for this tasty pizza with eggplants.
Already during sound check Bootleg Svante played 4096 super hits.
Din Stalker irons his tie and your ears!
Psilodump is concerned about swedish rave culture and is poking his ear with something.
To collect addresses nitro2k01 set up …
… this 30 Mhz notebook computer.
Random impressed with his nerdy shirt.
David Sugar from the UK, also known as “Logic Bomb”, is roughly 256 times bigger than his Gameboys.
During our way through the nigtht streers we encountered this glowing hover cube.
World famous Johan Kotlinski was welcoming us in his home.
This is not his home, but the foto turned out totally perfect: every segment of the window is one pixel. You can only do such things with 10 years experience!
But here lives Johan.
As to be expected, Litte Sound DJ cartdridges were laying around everywhere.
If you want to become as bright as Johan you should read these books.
At the Skansen park …
… we have seen a real moose …
… without antlers tho …
… but still great.
There were also many other swedish animals, like bisons, bears, wolverines and lynxes. There was also a men’s choire singing.
We were watching a poster that was flying over the town center for several hours until it landed in front of the museum.
On the eve of May 1st, spring fires a lit and the swedish population is singing on small improvised stages.
We drank a nice volcano cocktail at the Tiki Room.
On the first of May we ran into a demonstration of the swedish Piracy Agency.
They demand broadband and warez for everybody!
All the computer freaks appeared correctly dressed for the occasion in pirate and/or cyberpunk outfits.
There was a lot of warez swoppin’ going on.
Here a Tomb Raider CD is changing its owner. Yes people, Stockholm is that cool!