The exibition net_condition took place from 23rd september 1999 to 9th january 2000 at the ZKM in Karlsruhe. — Sadly, this exibition didn’t manage to present net art without the net. I guess because it’s a silly idea.

The Deutschen Bahn brings Dragan to Karlsruhe.
The entrance hall of ZKM is so impressingly large that you think you are a worthless gnome.
My mate Philipp was also there.
The entrance to the exibition.
There was a lot of projection going on, althought this has nothing to do with the net.
The semi competent guide in the net radio living room.
The H|U|M|B|O|T installation appeared misplaced, the other ones too.
A sewing machine embroids war news … but it doesn’t matter if it’s really working or not.
One of the few things to laugh about was the miserable “ browser” by Jeffrey Shaw.
The Redundant Technology Initiative piled up broken computer parts …
… not very original, but at least something to travel to and to look at.

Better check out the official website and look for links. This stuff belongs into the net.