View on Chicago from the Sears Tower, the talles building in the world.
Now some images from the swiss state exhibition EXPO.02 in Neuchâtel: First a big flipped flower pot.
Greg of Teamtendo is posing in front of the large pudding.
This is the inside of the pudding.
This building made from swiss wood a inflatable ballon roofs is reaching into the sea.
But this huge wooden ball, also made from swiss wood, was the most popular.
The Eiffel Tower (photo by Sof Aleynikova)
A sailing ship in the Hamburg harbour
The London City Center
Huge lamp at Nürnberg railway station (was reconstructed in the meantime)
English houses look like as if gnomes would live inside.
A corridor at London’s King’s Cross tube station that makes you feel sick because it goes upwards by just one degree.
This gigantic ferris wheel was made to be one of the new year 2000 things in London. As if there weren’t enough special buildings to look at already.
Charles De Gaule Airport in Paris, new Terminal 4, where this U2 videoclip was shot.
The old city gate in Basel, Switzerland
The Nordheim rave scene represents on a little electricty house thingy
The Netherlands represent on Expo2000
A hall at the railway station in Nordheim
One of the large bureau houses near the Stuttgart railway station
At Stuttgart’s zoo
Empty flower buckets in Stuttgarts pedestrian zone
The State Gallery in Stuttgart, captured with the “panoramic lens”.
The State Gallery’s floor
A sculpture made of large industrial parts placed in front of the Technik-Museum Sinsheim
… and here another thrilling view of the same object. I was in Sinsheim to visit the IMAX 3D film theatre actually.