30 Years of German Teletext

In 2010, the German state-run television station ARD half-assedly celebrated 30 Jahre Videotext, 30 years of German Teletext. An open art competition was announced: teletext consumers should create pages about the time in between 1980 and 2010. Of course I participated, but was humilated twice.

First my awesome entry did not win.

(download Cebra Text source file)

Let’s compare with a panel of the winning entry:

(copied from this ARD page)

So, the jury just preferred the eternally hip New Wave band Ideal to the eternally hated New Romantics band Modern Talking. What a bunch of opportunistic fools. If you look at the other distinguisehd entries, the jury’s bias and artistic incompetence is strikingly obvious.

Secondly, my entry was chosen being worthy of winning a Videotext anniversary t-shirt. I was given the choice between the sizes L or XL. I answered that both sizes are too large for me and asked for size M. Without any comment I was sent a tight women’s shirt.

Well, Olia wears it from time to time.